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Iconic Is Forever

Fame and talent that inspires and creates dreams and visions that live on forever.

Our slogan, "Iconic Is Forever" is a phrase that embodies our vision and applies to everyone who's a hustler trying to achieve the impossible. Iconic we are as the human race and forever we shall live through our actions and legacy we leave behind.

Our Label

Deciphering the language and secret code of Phi ( ϕ ), also known as the Golden Ratio or the Devine Proportion. It is found all through the creation of nature and throughout the universe. We have combined this to fit and flow with the bodies movement in art and dimensions.

Our logo was designed after this devine symbol representing the fundamental laws that manifest through life. 


Trillion Clothing is a fashion label founded in 2016 based in Gold Coast, Australia. We deliver you redefined, designer quality fashion exclusive and limited to our online shop. We take pride being independent and have our garments produced ethically with local suppliers.